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What else can I use Pitchsocial for?

Pitchsocial can offer a quick and easy way to streamline many types of business transactions. 

As well as allowing you to handle pitches and proposals quickly and effectively, you can share your custom link for just about anything - with all of your responses via the platform being received in the 30-second video format, including five bullet points and the answers to your deal-breaker questions.

  • Send a custom link in response to cold sales emails, allowing you to eliminate bots and spam emails

  • Include a link to Pitchsocial for submissions on your webpage or socials

  • Narrow the field during the tendering process or when looking to hire an outside service or finding a specific solution 

  • Use it to manage all kinds of RFIs/RFPs

  • Invite people you meet at trade shows and other events to connect with you via the platform

  • Use the platform as a tool during the recruitment process


In essence, Pitchsocial allows you to request information on just about anything, saving you countless emails back and forth and ensuring that responses include exactly the information you need first time.

The 30-second video format ensures that you get to know the person, company or product quickly and levels the playing field for responders, so you won’t miss out on your next big thing.


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