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The big idea behind Pitchsocial

Most of us have seen an episode of Dragons Den, it paints a picture of simplicity. Have an idea? Great. We’ll get you in front of a panel of super-wealthy engaged people and let you pitch your heart out. It makes great TV but it’s far from the reality of what it’s actually like to pitch your product or service.

At present, trying to just get your product or service in front of a buyer or investor is a long painstaking process. Getting the meeting can be equal parts luck, having the right connections and most of the time just hard labour. Thousands of hours each year are spent just trying to get a meeting set up. At times it can feel like you need a marketing degree just to secure that initial conversation.

On the flip side, for buyers and investors, it takes countless hours to sift through the LinkedIn messages, phone calls and emails to just get to something you might be interested in. That gem of an idea is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The current way of doing things is complex and excessively time consuming. It’s out of reach for many and needlessly painful for most. That’s why we created Pitchsocial.

Pitchsocial’s primary aim is to simplify and democratise the whole process. Our app is designed to open pitching to everyone and save pitchers, buyers and investors that most valuable commodity: time.

By creating a platform where pitches are restricted to a 30 second video, 5 images and text, we’re creating a level playing field that lets ideas, products and services speak for themselves. With our ‘tags’ we are dramatically reducing the time potential investors and buyers spend having to sift through irrelevant messages. Through our matching function, we make having that initial conversation that could change everything so much easier.

Like all new apps, Pitchsocial is a work in progress. As time goes on we’ll be adding new features and functionality.

Together, we’re creating a new way of doing things that helps everyone find their next big opportunity.

Pitchsocial is available in both the App Store and Play Store.

Speed dating for business is here!

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