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Can you pitch social for your start up success?

It’s 2021, and things have dramatically changed in the start-up world, but can you Pitch Social to be an entrepreneurial frontrunner?


There is no denying that the last 20 months have had a drastic effect on the way the world operates in every aspect.

Start-ups have failed. Small businesses have closed their doors, and even multinational conglomerates have ceased trading, which shows that some elements of the companies were just not enough to withstand a global pandemic.

We didn’t see it coming, so how could we possibly prepare for it?

What it has taught us, however, is that there should have been, and needs to be in the future, a way of sustaining and indeed starting a product vision, just with different limitations in place and with different rules to play by.

Beyond all the sadness of businesses that have failed to get off the ground during massive global change, and even more profound sadness to those that have lost long-standing businesses, we see a glimmer of light that shines firmly on a gap in the market...A new way of making sure that we continue to support those start-up business products in their infancy to bring them to the front for the eyes of potential buyers.

All it takes is matching-pitch.

What Have We Now Lost In Terms Of Pitching?

When a start-up is established enough to be able to seek a buyer via pitching, we have lost some of the old ways of being able to go to a buyer to have 5 minutes of their time, and hopefully winning them over to buy into a product.

We have lost the 1-2-1 contact with someone, or a group of people, that could potentially get a start-up’s dreams off the ground by securing that all-important buyer.

We have lost the ability to charm in person, to show an influential buyer that a start-up is with their time and money. There have been so many historical cases where the buyer is possibly not too keen on the product, but totally believes in the person pitching it.

In person, buyers can feel a pitcher's passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to their product, and that’s what they buy into.

All hope is not lost, however.

We just need to move with the changing times and appreciate that, actually, new innovations and methods of reaching those all-important buyers can very much be a massive advantage to a start-up success moving forward post-pandemic

What Has Changed?

In all honesty, there is only one phrase you need to concern yourself with if you are looking to pitch your product concept to a buyer, or indeed you are an investor who is looking for another product for your portfolio.

That phrase is “Digital Social.”

Digital resources will be the way forward from now on, and all elements of pitching are successfully moving to a new digital way of normality, to operate a seamless pitching process with lightning speed buying and selling.

Everything has changed for the better for the buyer/seller relationship, and to be honest, it is something that needed a shake-up. The exact process has been trundling along the same lines for many years.

With the digital age coming to the front of the playing field and owning digital assets becoming the number one consideration in any business concern, it’s about time the pitching process “Matched-Pitch” with the changing world.

How Can The Changes Benefit You?

The changes can benefit you in so many ways, and it would be time-consuming to detail them all here. Still, by taking a quick snapshot, we can see that moving to digital enables:

● A product can reach buyers around the globe instantly with no travelling to an in-person meeting required.

● A buyer can view a vast range of pitches without investing a lot of appointment time to hear their pitches.

● Instant collaboration. If the pairing is correct, there is the ability to instantly collaborate.

● A more deliberate cherry-picking process. The ability to search for products of interest or buyers of choice has now been widened, which will help with finding the perfect collaboration.

● A wider reach. Gone are the days where you can only attend the meetings to pitch somewhere that is within your travelling remit. Now, you can reach buyers all around the world.

● Safety among restrictions. The pandemic is not over, and while the onus is still working from home, this now becomes an advantage for both pitchers and buyers.

It’s Looking way sunnier now, isn’t it?

Are You Ready To Match Pitch?

The answer here should always be YES!

Yes, there have been changes forced upon the world. Yes, it has instigated changes to the pitcher and buyer processes that were potentially outdated for both parties involved.

However, this has done the pitching world a whole new hand of cards to play with, and where you may have found yourself restricted pre-pandemic in terms of buyer reachability which was almost certainly restricted throughout the global disaster, you may start to see that the “Digital Social” phrase will be your key weapon in finding, pitching and attracting your next buyer.

So let’s move forward with the times and really embrace these changes in the way the pitching process is carried out. The more people who accept this as the new norm will undoubtedly excel far higher and faster than those who are sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to return to a previous normal.

Digital social is the new normal, and we are ready to Match-Pitch with every step you take!

Speed dating for business is here!

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