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Can an innovative platform really help to get your product in front of buyers eyes?

With product pitching and buying being the most crucial collaboration, can an innovative app really help bring the two together in harmony?


It’s time to go straight in for the kill on this subject because certain things are to be said about lockdown innovation!

Hypothetically, if there was a simple app you could carry around on your smartphone that facilitated the search for potential buyers, and where you could also be found as a product-pitching entrepreneur, would you run off to your app store to see exactly what we are talking about?

Of course, you would! It’s a no-brainer!

Having an introduction of a simple box on your touchscreen that allows you to take the hours of searching for a potential buyer away, or indeed having the facility to search for a new product to add to your portfolio while you are on the move is something that has been developed during the lockdown of 2020/2021.

There is no better way to make an outdated process step into the new decade.

A majority of people heavily rely on smart devices to connect, communicate and collaborate.

The introduction of Pitchsocial is the next new development to come from a successful mixture of social and business, as well as being incredibly simple to use and portable as an app.

Who knew such a thing would be able to replace all of the old-school elements of in-person pitching which often, is the kill or cure of a products success, no matter how strong the resolve is of the entrepreneur pitching their years of work and development!

What Is PitchSocial?

As this has already been alluded to, PitchSocial is indeed an app; a downloadable service that allows product entrepreneurs and buyers to come together on one platform to find their next collaboration.

Now, a lot of people dismiss apps as being vital pieces of digital property for business uses. However, we have seen in recent years that the functionality of apps is rising in appreciation daily. Most people who use a specific app for business purposes will tell you how invaluable they are as ways to save time and effort.

While apps still seem to have that element of “Apps are for games” mentality, the number of apps that are available rises daily and are now considered the most credible alternative to switching on a computer and using the desktop services; incidentally which is not that easy or convenient if you are on the move!

PitchSocial has been developed in response to the heavy restrictions of the lockdown situation, which essentially stopped the pitching and buying process as we knew it before.

It can be one of the most effective routes to take when looking for your next product buyer or searching for your next product to invest in.

What Happens On PitchSocial?

As you find the app, simply download it onto your smart device and register as a user. This is a straightforward element that is completed millions of times a day!


Once you have it all registered, you will be able to upload your pitch via a 30 second video, so we don’t then lose the element of a potential buyer actually seeing and hearing firsthand what you are pitching.

This pitch will essentially be no different from the one you would make if you were invited into the buyers office to make it in front of them.

You have the ability to upload a 30 second elevator pitch, accompanying pictures and text to support your pitch video, so when a prospective buyer finds you, they will have everything they will be looking for right there to hand.

You will have the greatest pitch to upload if you conduct yourself in precisely the same way as if you were there delivering it in person. So wear the suit, get the excellent lighting and make sure you have all of the relevant information compacted, compiled, and ready to roll with the camera.

Once you have uploaded your pitch, you will become a searchable prospect for all of the product buyers who are also using the platform to search for their next product purchase.

Your profile will be your calling card and your first impression to an buyer all rolled into one, so make sure that the information you display and the vibe you give out is applicable and professional.[1] [2] [3]


This app will enable you to search amongst all of the available entrepreneurs and their pitches to find your next perfect business collaboration.

You will have access to the entrepreneur’s details and their 30 second elevator pitch video. The importance here for you is that you will be able to immediately note whether the pitcher or their product matches your business vision.

It may well be that you are looking for something really specific to buy into, which may potentially be incredibly difficult to find on the open market unless that pitcher just happens to fall through your door naturally!

When you are searching the app, you will be able to factor in or filter out specific elements of your next investment, which will then show you the pitcher that falls under those umbrellas.

Why Should I Use PitchSocial Over The Older Methods Of Pitching?

The most significant advantage of the clever app is that it is portable and can be taken with you anywhere you go, with being able to have instant access to interested parties coming in a very close second.

Having an app that has the ability to match a buyer with a start-up based on interest and product niche is nothing short of genius and can really speed up the collaboration process, as well as offer a more tailored and personal spin on pitching and buying.

Although you won’t actually be face to face in person with your prospective client, you will still be able to get an excellent feel for what they are trying to achieve and the vision they have via their 30-second elevator pitch and accompanying entrepreneur profile.

The overall mission of Pitch Social is to have a user-friendly platform for everyone, but powerful enough to create meaningful collaborations that really do change lives.

And this is what we call The PitchSocial App- An innovative way to put entrepreneurs in the eyes of influential buyers through your smart device.

maybe we should say you only have 30 seconds and it's your elevator pitch? they can also upload 5 supporting images and text as well

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