Pitching has never been easier!

We’ve made pitching your products and services to potential buyers and investors easier than ever before.


Simply record and upload a 30 second video outlining your product or service and why you think the recipients should connect and take the conversation further.


You can also upload 5 supporting images along with your video.

Welcome to Pitchsocial

If the buyer or investor is interested, they can easily tap to connect and voila! You’ve generated an opportunity it could have taken hours if not longer to find.


In fact, your video pitch could viewed by 100s of buyers or investors at the same time in minutes.


Happy pitching! 


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Psst... are you still here?

Ok, so the best bit is, you can also record and upload a speculative video pitch for other types of buyers and/or investors (not just the ones that invite you to pitch on the Pitchsocial platform). These may get randomly discovered by other buyers or investors.


Who knows, you can find your next big opportunity by accident. Just don’t forget about us when you make it to the big time 😊

Make recruitment easier too with 

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A dynamic method of getting job applications

Can a paper CV ever really truly capture the essence of a person? How many people have been rejected as candidates for roles because they're simply not very good at writing or formatting a 2 page spread about themselves?

With Pitchsocial, you can bring that CV alive and get a 360' view of potential employees at the very first stage. With the power of video-based pitching you could find that gem that you might have missed because they didn't realise Times New Roman was a poor choice of font! Or reject that borderline applicant because they simply didn't put any effort into their pitch.