Three marketing tips for success ...

It's pretty much guaranteed that investors and buyers will do their own independent research on your products or services (outside of your direct conversations.) It's therefore crucial that your marketing activity is as strong as possible. 


To help, we've pulled together three key things to think about: 

1) Be consistent in everything you do

One of the simplest ways to emphasise professionalism and organisation is actually free. All you need to do is ensure that everything you produce (visual and written) is consistent.

This means in practice:

  • Using the same set of colours throughout your materials

  • Sticking to one or two complimentary fonts 

  • Keeping the same tone of voice in your written words

Remember, a lot of marketing is psychology. Not having a uniformed style makes your brand look chaotic and messy.


If everything looks and feels different, subliminally it implies a lack of structure, order and organisation. Not something you want a potential investor or buyer to think when they are looking at you.


2) Have a strong online presence

No matter how big or small your budget, having a website, social media pages and a Google presence is a must.

The first thing that most people do when engaging with a company is to 'google it'. If you don't appear- then you don't exist for most.


You really should have the following:

An informative website


This doesn't have to be the biggest and best thing out there, but you need to have a website that details who you are, what you offer and why you're the best. 

There are a number of page builders like Wix or Squarespace you can use, they're both cost effective and easy to use.

Relevant social media pages

You don't need to have them all, but you do need to have a couple that you update regularly. Linkedin is a must then choose the platform that matches the demographic of your potential customers best.

A 'Google my Business' profile

Google My Business is a great tool. It's free and it increases your likelihood of appearing when people search for your business name.

3) Dot every I and cross every T

It might sound a bit basic- but attention to detail is crucial when it comes to your marketing material. From social media posts to your website content- if you're moving onto your next growth stage, it's worthwhile going through everything and double checking.

Whilst a spelling mistake or a broken link might seem trivial, if noticed it can instantly mark you down in a potential investor or buyers mind.

It costs nothing and could pay dividends!