As an investor, we’re sure you’re often inundated with pitches from entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies all looking for investment.


Pitchsocial helps you manage your pitches in a smarter, faster and fairer way, saving you valuable time and ensuring that all the details you need are presented in one concise and easy-to-digest package, right from the first pitch.


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Ensure pitchers get to the point quickly

Imagine if every pitcher uploaded their elevator pitch in the same simple format, with the knowledge that each pitch would contain exactly the information you need.


Well, that’s exactly what we can offer!


When a pitcher reaches out, direct them to upload a 30-second video outlining their offering, along with five bullet points and the answers to your deal-breaker questions, ensuring you have all the information you need from the get-go.


You can even ask for their full pitch deck to be attached if you wish.

Don’t miss out on great investment opportunities

As well as saving you valuable time, Pitchsocial also levels the playing field for pitchers.


The platform gives each and every pitcher the same opportunity - allowing their pitch to be considered on merit, regardless of their marketing budget or connections - ensuring you don’t miss out on the chance of discovering that next big thing!

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All the information you need at your fingertips

All responses you receive from sharing your link can then be viewed via the platform, with each of them taking the same format of a 30-second video, five bullet points, their pitch deck (if you wish) and the answers to your deal-breaker questions.


Then all you have to do is review when it's convenient for you and choose to connect or pass – and we’ll notify them if wasn’t for you. 

What happens when I sign-up?

By signing up and creating your username on the platform, Pitchsocial will generate a unique link that can be tailored to suit your specific task.


This includes the key information you want to see in a pitch and any deal-breaker questions that you’d like to ask. 


You can then choose to use your link in a number of ways, including:


·      Manually responding to emails with your unique link, inviting pitchers to submit their pitch or proposal directly to the platform.


·      Sending out your unique link in an automated email inviting pitchers to pitch to you via the platform, allowing you to filter out the genuine investment opportunities in your inbox.


·      Adding your unique link to your website or socials to invite pitches.

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