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A cross between Tinder
and Tik-Tok for business

We’ve made pitching your products, services or ideas, easier, fairer and more engaging. 


When asked, over 90% of people make a decision in under 30 seconds, with 53% only needing 15 seconds or less.

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Pitches should be considered on merit, regardless of your marketing budgets

Pitchsocial wants to give every pitcher the same opportunity when reaching out to key prospects on the platform, so we'll ensure you're given the information you need to pitch perfectly first time - every time!

You can also use our custom virtual sales landing page tools to create stand-out content, replacing those boring, outdated emails, and enabling your pitch to really shine.

No credit card required 


Stand out from the crowd

Everyone needs different information when evaluating a pitch. That's why we're making it easier for pitchers to understand the needs of their target audience and improve their odds of success. 

If they're interested in your pitch, they can easily tap to connect and... voila! You’ve generated an opportunity that could have easily been missed by sending the wrong information. 

If the pitch wasn't for them, you'll get an automatic reply letting you know.

Get discovered by your target audience 

Whatever you may think about TikTok, you can't deny the short video format is only growing in popularity.


Pitchsocial allows users to submit a 30-second visual summary of their offering, which is matched to potential buyers, investors and decision-makers based on interests and industry tags.


And because every pitch uses the same fixed format and doesn't rely on having a huge budget, the best offerings shine through.

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Update your sales outreach with video 

Pitchsocial empowers pitchers like yourself to upload a 30-second video along with 5 concise bullet points onto a smartly presented landing page, which you can share via email, LinkedIn or your social media accounts. 


This allows you to present your product or service in the best possible light.


After all, video content is 1200 per cent more successful than other types of content.

Your 30-second elevator pitch... make it count!

Everyone knows how important your elevator pitch is, and we want to help ensure yours is the best it can be. 

The success of your pitch will depend on the quality of your video and answers, so take your time and make sure you answer the tailored questions you're being asked.

We've created a resource hub where you can check out some helpful tips on polishing your pitch. If you have a question, or would like some feedback from our team, reach out and we'll be happy to give you some advice. 

Try Pitchsocial for free!

No credit card required 

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