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FAQ's, Help and Support

We've pulled together some FAQ's that can help and support any Pitchsocial related question you may have.


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Registration and Set-up

Registration and Set-up


How do I get access to Pitchsocial?

You can sign-up to Pitchsocial from through the link below.

How do I set-up an account?

Sign-up using the link above, select whether you're a decision maker or a pitcher then follow the setup instructions. 

Is there a Pitchsocial App?

PitchSocial is currently a web based platform, with a dedicated app coming in the coming months. 

How much does Pitchsocial cost to use?

From free going up to £19.99 per user per month depending on your requirements. We offer 30 days free on all our paid tiers.

I'm not sure which type of account is right for me.

Simply put....

If you are looking to sell a product/service or pitch for investment: you are a Pitcher.

You can find out more about Pitchsocial for Pitchers here.

If you are looking for new products, services or ideas to buy or stock: you are a business.

You can find out more about Pitchsocial for Businesses here.

Can I be both a business and a pitcher?

Yes. We understand many people sit on both sides of the fence and you can easily toggle between the two accounts in your account settings.

Can I have multiple accounts?

At the moment, you can only have one account. However, we will be introducing teams shortly, meaning you can have a personal and company account. 

Using the platform

How do I invite a pitcher to pitch to me?

Each user creates a unique, memorable link which directs potential pitchers to their Pitchsocial platform. Once you receive an email from a pitcher, respond with a custom template and invite them to upload a 30-second video (along with key bullet points, attachments and the answers to your dealbreaker questions). You can also embed the link into your website or share on socials when looking for a specific product or service.

Using the app

What else can I use Pitchsocial for?

Pitchsocial helps you manage and screen all types of pitches

  • Pitchers who email out of the blue

  • Businesses you meet at trade shows and want to learn more

  • When you're on the look out for something specific i.e marketing or IT services, everyone can pitch in the same way with the information you need making it easy to compare

  • Any RFI, RFQ or RFP request you have

How do I ensure I get the information I want?

When you setup your account you can customise the questions and information you want to ask the pitcher, including what you want to see in the 30 second video - ensuring you always get the information you need from the get-go.

If I connect with a pitch what happens?

You can chat directly with the pitcher, email, call or book a meeting through the platform.

If I pass on a pitch what happens?

The pitcher will get an automated response telling them it wasn't for you - you will also be able to provide optional feedback to them.

Can I see pitchers who haven't pitched to me directly?

In time we will be adding a discover option where you can see public uploads, but initially it will be people who are pitching directly to you. 

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions/ Usage Policy

Who is responsible for the content that's uploaded?

Users take full responsibility for the content that they upload.

I've seen something fraudulent/offensive. How do I report it?

There is a report button which will flag any content for an admin to review.

What moderation to you undertake?

All moderation is undertaken by humans. We don't use AI moderation.

How do I read your full Terms and Conditions?

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Click here to view our Cookies Policy.

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