We understand how time-consuming it can be for decision makers to trawl through endless sales emails, lengthy pitches and boring proposals.

It's especially frustrating when many of them are sent from automated mailing lists, meaning they're 'generic' and 'non-targeted'.

That’s why we’ve developed a platform to ensure you always get the information you need to make a quick decision.

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No more back and forth emails

Imagine how much easier it would be if all of your pitches, proposals and sales/RFPsubmissions took the same simple format, with a guarantee that they would include exactly the details you are looking for?


Well, that’s exactly what we can offer!


When a prospective seller, pitcher or service reaches out, invite them to upload a 30-second video outlining their offering, along with five bullet points and the answers to your deal-breaker questions, ensuring you have all the information you need from the get-go.

A fairer way to do business

As well as streamlining the process, Pitchsocial also levels the playing field for sellers.


This means that even those with a smaller marketing budget or fewer connections can compete fairly - ensuring you don’t miss out on the chance of discovering your next big thing!

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What else can I use Pitchsocial for?

Pitchsocial can offer a wide range of uses for a variety of business needs, from simplifying the procurement process, to screening your next freelance marketing team or helping you seek out a specific product or solution. 


Click below to find out more about what the platform can do for you and your business.

Creating your unique Pitchsocial link

By signing up and creating your username on the platform, Pitchsocial will generate a unique, easy to remember link.


This includes the key information you are looking for and any deal-breaker questions that you’d like to ask.


You can then choose to use your link in a number of ways, including:


• Manually responding to emails with your unique link, inviting sellers, pitchers or suppliers to submit their pitch or proposal directly to the platform.


• Sending out your unique link via an automated email inviting sellers or pitchers to contact you via the platform, allowing you to filter out genuine buying opportunities or pitches from the spam that clutters your inbox.


• Adding your unique link to your website or socials.


• Sharing your unique link with contacts you meet at trade shows or networking events.

So what happens next?

All responses you receive from sharing your link can then be accessed via the platform, with each of them taking the same format of a 30-second video, five bullet points and the answers to your deal-breaker questions.


All you have to do then is review when it's convenient for you and choose to connect or pass – and we’ll even notify them if it wasn’t for you. 


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