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Three easy ways to have your pitches discovered using Pitschsoical

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Why use Pitchsocial?

With buyers, investors and all kinds of decision-makers often inundated with sales emails, pitches and proposals, it’s easy for yours to be missed among the clutter of their inbox.


Pitchsocial offers a variety of ways to ensure your pitch is seen by the right people, regardless of your connections or marketing budget.


Our 30-second video format, with an additional 5 bullet points, helps you to condense your pitch into a concise and easy-to-digest package containing all of the information prospects need to make a quick decision, streamlining the pitching process for everyone.

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Get your pitch discovered

If you want to pitch a great new product, idea or service but aren’t sure who to send it to, then Pitchsocial can help.


The platform allows you to publicly upload your 30-second video and 5 bullet points outlining your offering - adding relevant, searchable tags.


Buyers, investors and decision-makers can now browse public pitches using our ‘discover’ feature and connect with you if they are interested in finding out more.

Respond to a link

If you’ve been sent a customised link in response to an email, or discovered a link via a website or social media page, simply follow the link to Pitchsocial to submit your pitch.


Upload your 30-second video, include your 5 bullet points and carefully answer any deal-breaker questions that are specified.


Then relax in the knowledge that your pitch will be seen by the right person and considered on merit alone.

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Create a custom landing page to share

Don’t have a customised link, but want your pitch to be seen by a specific company or individual?  


Pitchsocial allows you to create a professional, custom-built landing page that includes your 30-second video, 5 bullet points and any additional information you’d like to share.


You can then send the link via email or social media inviting them to view your pitch via the platform.

Pricing and tiers

We're a newly launched platform and for the time being it's 100% free (well until we get time to add in the payment system 😊), but seriously we want to make the best platform we can for our users and it's important to not add barriers in the early day as feedback is more important to us. ​


Try Pitchsocial for free!

No credit card required 

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