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Pitchsocial lets businesses discover the best solutions, not just the best marketed ones. 

A new way to manage inbound pitches, proposals and pesky sales emails

Whether you're a buyer, investor or any kind of decision-maker, the chances are you’ll often have businesses pitching you their products, services or ideas, as well as countless sales proposals. 

But more often than not, these are from automated mailing lists, meaning they are generic, non-relevant, and don't actually give you the information you need.

Pitchsocial changes that...

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Pitchsocial ensures you have all the info right from the get-go

Imagine how much easier it would be if all of your pitches, proposals and sales/RFP submissions took the same simple format, with a guarantee that they would include exactly the information you were looking for?


When a prospective seller, pitcher or service reaches out, invite them to upload a 30-second video outlining their offering, along with five bullet points and the answers to your dealbreaker questions, ensuring you have all the information you need right from the get-go.

All your pitches and proposals, new or advanced, in one place

Create customised links to send by email, or via messaging on your website or socials, to invite potential pitchers to click through and use Pitchsocial.


The platform also offers the ideal solution if you're looking for something specific, or have an RFI or RFP in mind and want your responses in a single place. 


Or you can invite people you meet at networking events, trade shows - anywhere in fact - to link with you through the site.

Pitchsocial offers a wide range of uses for a variety of scenarios, from simplifying the procurement process, vetting your next freelance marketing team or helping you seek out a specific product or solution. 


To find out more about what the platform can do for you and your business, click here.

Pitchsocial can be used to simplify the screening process

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How it works

When you hear from a pitcher, or anyone with a business proposal, you can send an automated response with your unique link, outlining the key info you're looking for and inviting them to create and upload a 30-second video pitch, five bullet points and the answers to your deal-breaker questions.


You can request other key information if needed, including images and attachments, and customise the Pitchsocial platform to your requirements.


You can then simply review when it's convenient for you, and choose to connect or pass - they’ll be notified it wasn’t for you. 

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