More needles, fewer haystacks

Pitchsocial enables businesses to manage and screen potential suppliers using 30-second videos along with custom deal breaker questions and bullet points, ensuring you get everything you need to make a quick decision from the get-go.

Whether it's a cold email from someone you don't know, an RFP or something specific you're on the look out for, Pitchsocial makes it easier than ever.

An easier way to manage your pitches

Whether you're a buyer, investor or any kind of decision-maker, the chances are you often get businesses pitching you their products, services or ideas. 

With all of the clutter, it's easy to miss the next big thing. Pitchsocial makes it easy to manage and screen pitches all in one single place, whilst getting the answers you need to make a decision faster. 

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How it works

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When you hear from a pitcher, you can send an automated response with your unique link, outlining the key info you're looking for and invite them to create and upload a 30 second video pitch, along with the answers to any deal breaker questions.

You can request other key information if needed including images and attachments and customise the Pitchsocial platform to your requirements.


You can then simply review when it's convenient for you, and choose to connect or pass.