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Pitching fit for 2022

I created Pitchsocial to modernise the way we pitch. Businesses would never sell to consumers the same way they sell to other businesses, with tedious emails and presentations so why do we still do it. 

I’ve experienced first hand how hard it really is to stand out when you're trying to pitch to your target audience. So I wanted to create a platform which made it easier, quicker, fairer and more structured for everyone.


It gives buyers, investors or any decision maker the ability to streamline the way they review pitches, RFI's etc, ensuring they get the information they need from the get-go and don't let that next big thing slip through the net. 


All whilst giving pitchers the information they need to tailor their pitch to the target user and improving their odds of success. 

Everyone is given the same opportunity, 30 seconds, 5 bullet points, 4 deal breaker questions. Meaning the pitch is based on merit, rather than how big their marketing budget is. 

About our Founder

Chris is a serial tech entrepreneur specialising in products that enable brands to better engage, acquire and sell to their customers.


At 20, Chris founded SFD Systems after spotting a gap in the market to replace paper-based pricing with full colour digital displays – a world first. Chris successfully scaled over 10 years, raising £4m in equity funding to design and develop a fully functioning Internet of Things technology platform in 2005.


SFD Systems operated in over 7 markets and trusted by Pret A Manger, Waitrose, Morrisons, Walmart, Dufry, Home Depot Canada and many others. 

Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 19.45.47.png

Having experienced the pain first hand of dreary, long pitches, Chris is now on a mission to help revitalise and modernise the pitching and buying process with Pitchsocial.


Connect with Chris on LinkedIn below. 

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