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Short videos,
more pitches,
better deals

Pitchsocial helps you view a variety of short video pitches quickly and easily, to help you find that next big thing faster (and more efficiently).

....A bit like a cross between Tinder and TikTok, but for pitching!

More variety of pitches, less time wasted

Your next best-selling products or services could be sitting in your inbox. But with the daily bombardment of emails, calls and 'pings' means you can easily miss them.

So we’re making it easier than ever before to view a variety of pitches in a fraction of the time it would usually take.



How it works

When you receive prospective pitches, you can respond with an automated email template, directing the sender to your company's bespoke Pitchsocial platform or a white-labelled site to upload their 30 second video pitch.

This way, you can manage pitches swiftly and efficiently - and free yourself from the bombardment of emails and boring meetings!

Make recruitment easier too with 

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