Sick of receiving 
constant pitches to your inbox?

Your inbox can quickly clog up and you may end up missing out on pitches that genuinely interest you. 

This is why we created Pitchsocial. It's a simple, 

centralised platform that allows businesses to manage and screen pitchers using 30-second videos along with the other key information they need to make a quick decision. 

The modern way to manage your 

Whether you're a buyer, investor or any of kind of decision-maker, the chances are you often get businesses pitching you their products, services or ideas. 

Pitchsocial enables businesses to manage and screen potential suppliers using 30-second videos along with custom deal breaker questions enabling you to get everything you need to make a quick decision from the get-go.


How it works

When you receive prospective pitches, you can respond with a customised email template, directing them to your Pitchsocial platform to upload their 30 second video pitch, along with any other supporting information you've requested and answers to those dealbreaker questions.

This way, you can manage pitches swiftly and efficiently - and free yourself from the bombardment of emails.